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The growth of garblogging

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Check out this sweet CNET article about the wave of West Coast blogs on which trashies are tracking the waste they create and their efforts to create less. You may recognize a certain trashpert quoted. More importantly, it’s a great launching pad full of links to new and entertaining garblogs (oh how the blogroll will grow). Happy Reading!


Photo by Julio Cesar Martinez, via CNET

Project Freesheet

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

project freesheetPardon the interuption as I conduct a test to try to resolve my longstanding lack of tech mojo, so that I might at last become a proper guest blogger the next time Leila’s day job has her jetting off to another continent.   Before we return to your regularly scheduled blogger,  I want to share: This week the Guardian reports on what I think is so far the best use of all those discarded free newspapers, as collected by Londoners on the Tube: building a house. The geniuses behind Project Freesheet are blogging so you can follow along.

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