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Upcycling Salvadorian style

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If you walk down Valencia (which incidentally is a must when visiting San Francisco), you should stop by Casa Bonampak, at #1051, and take a look at these beauties. Best upcycled bags I ever saw, with bonus that they were made in a Salvadorian cooperative. Shop ’til you drop.

san francisco bags

San Francisco bags

Bag Party!

Monday, September 1, 2008

I’ve been very good lately about carrying reusable bags around with me to avoid taking plastic ones.  It’s a nice feeling.  And I’d like to share it.  Thankfully, a recent post on the 365 Days of Trash garblog linked to morsbags, a do-it-yourself bag making site (with downloadble instructions).  This got me thinking.  I should have a bag-making party!

The first couple friends I leaked this idea to pointed out that as nonprofiteers we have enormous tote bag collections from conferences.  Both offered to bring their own bags to the party to decorate them.  Fair enough.  But the morsebags model also encourages us to distribute reusable bags.  The party, therefore, will have three elements: 1) collecing frumpy old conference totes we no longer want to lug around, 2) decorating old totes in need of a spruce up and 3) creating new reusable bags out of recycled materials for our own shopping, to give as gifts and distribute at local supermarkets and co-ops.

Stay tuned for more planning details including a Q&A on best practices in bag making with a very stylish professional.  Tote photo ripped from Lady Jane Designs on Etsy.

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