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European Union to take responsibility for their big ship trash?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Remember we posted earlier this year about big ship tra$h? Apparently, the European Union (currently under the ever so Swedish-holier-than-thou presidency) are concerned with the fact that in the dockyards in South Asia hundreds of workers die each year, while dismantling EU ships.

It turns out that internal EU negotiations on how to prevent this have been going on for a year or so (hurrah!), and are to reach climax in September/October. Lets hope that lead negotiator Ulf Björnholm Ottosson has more to say by then than this powerful statement:

The EU has a special duty to try and improve the situation.

Duty indeed. However, we must confess that the situation is indeed complicated, and that EU countries are finding it difficult to agree on legislation (or rather, more legislation, the issues are already covered in conventions) they want to see from the European Commission. Everyone are not so holy. I suspect it to be EU Member States with a lot of tonnage at their harbours. You do the math.

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