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Waste store opens Sunday

Monday, June 15, 2009

For one week beginning next Sunday, the Yanbukis—New York’s local trash worshipping collective— will organize a “waste store” at Bullet Space, a squat-turned-theater on the Lower East Side. This is the End of the Waste World Supermarket we heard about back in April. And these are the only details I have so far: Bullet Space is located on 3rd Street between Avenues C & D; the waste store will be open Sunday June 21st-Sunday June 28th from 1-8pm.

End of the Waste World

End of the Waste World

An after party will take place when the store closes on the 28th, from 8pm-midnight and will include banging on cans, jamming and glorifying Anuki, god of all tides. Stay tuned for updates.

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