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Carnival of the Green

Monday, August 4, 2008

Welcome to Carnival of the Green, a roaming weekly digest of the best in eco-blogging. Last week Allie’s Green Answers hosted the madness; next week cruise on over to The Evangelical Ecologist.

This week in the green blogosphere:

Happy Reading!

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Carnival of the Green # 78

Monday, May 21, 2007

cotg.gif  This week, everydaytrash is proud to host Carnival of the Green, a roving roundup of the very best in green blog posts designed to amaze, delight and drive Web traffic.  Last week’s edition appeared on Natural Collection.  Next week Sustainablog will do the compiling. 

Please enjoy the show:

First up, we have the inquisitive Ollie Moore of olliesplace who asks: Are Organic farmers just in it for the money?

Next, Harlan of Greener Magazine loads us up with tips to prepare our families for the National Wildlife Federation’s Great American Campout.

On Veggie Revolution this week, Sally looks at the disproportionate burden of environmental exploitation borne by North Carolina and the growing local resistance that is proving the power of grass roots activism. 

Over at the Evangelical Ecologist, Don Bosch compiles a list of “10 things that make climate models hard to build (and understand),” a handy resource for watchdogs of the International Panel on Climate Change.

David of The Good Human examines the ethics of ethanol, wondering “With all the starving and malnourished people in this world, is it terribly irresponsible to use a perfectly good food source just so we can drive our cars?

John of hell’s handmaiden ruminates over global warming and whether or not humans are to blame in a post entitled “Gambling With Our Lives.”

Way out in the south-western Pacific Ocean, Idiot/Savant of No Right Turn crunches the numbers on the New Zealand National Party’s proposal to halve greenhouse emissions by 2050.

And right here at everydaytrash, professor Joshua Goldstein answered questions about the historical and political role of trash pickers in China.

Happy reading, and don’t forget to check out Sustainablog for next week’s jamboree. 

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