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London poo

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Swedish Television (those lovely public service guys) have correspondents here and there, reporting back to the motherland on the big events that shape our world. Tonight, they will report on our favourite human trash, that no one escapes: poo.

In a glimpse of tonight’s programming, we learn that in November 2009 (due to heavy rains) a fantastic 12,75 million cubic metres, or the equivalent of “3 401 Olympic swimming pools”, of sewage water ran straight in to the famous river Themes. The first to know when this occurs are the rowing teams using the Themes as practise ground, as they sometimes come down with heavy vomiting after a run on the river. Also, it smells.

In a larger perspective, the overflow of human trash is a problem in many major cities, including Paris and New York. I’ll be watching tonight.

California knows how to…recycle

Friday, February 13, 2009


Men’s Health has ranked America’s cities on how well they recyle and three out of the top ten are in California.

Wichita and Las Vegas lead the worst.

Click here for a neat interactive map of the results.

Here’s how the editors explain their methodology:

To determine how well cities reuse their refuse, we started by asking them whether recycling is mandatory. Next we looked at how easy the cities make it for residents to recycle: No need to sort? Wonderful. Curbside pickup? Great. Then we added up the variety of materials that are recycled, giving bonus points to those places that go beyond paper, plastic, and glass. Lastly, we factored in the percentage of households that actually take advantage of the program their city offers, courtesy of SimplyMap.

NYC ranked an unimpressive 17th.

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