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Kappo in Copenhagen

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rolando Politi, spiritual leader of the Yanbuki trash worshippers, recently organized a trip to the utopian neithborhood of Christiania, Copenhagen.

Kappo and Lady Kappo

An email summary of events states:

to all world yanbukis, here are the links for the kappo tour and ceremony from this july.

Findings: they never thought about collecting and cleaning and repackaging caps and lids before KAPPO was introduced.

Future:  great potential for a bottom up start up of cap enterprise anywhere in the world!

hungry people and redeemers and also creatives should contact [recycleandpray AT gmail DOT com] for more details and know how.

The Trash Worship Network

expanding trash spirituality for ten years and going

The message includes links to these photos and this YouTube video of a cap gobbling ceremony. From the photos of packaged bottle caps and cap-ardorned Yanbukis as well as a poster promoting Kappo in New York and Copenhagen, I am guessing/deducing that the Yanbukis have embarked on a world tour with at least one stop (Copenhagen) where they share the benefits of plastic bottle cap harvesting with locals in the name of art and trash worship. Part of this endeavor requires building a cap-gobbling receptacle by decorating a trash can in bottle caps and dropping more caps inside.

Fresh caps

The proper attire at such a ceremony appears to require decorative capping. And the leader of such a ceremony is known as  Kappo, or Lady Kappo depending on one’s gender. Yanbukis and anthropologists in the know are encouraged to correct this post should I be misinterpreting anything. Regardless, the result looks like a lot of fun and, hopefully, results in greater awareness of plastic waste (without ever uttering such a painfully dull phrase as “greater awareness of plastic waste”).


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Little Shiva‘s trashtastic ensemble for Copenhagen next week.

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