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The Palms

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Last night I went to the opening party for The Palms, a pop up urban beach club featuring dumpster pools in Long Island City. The art, music and concept are a collaboration between the NYC groups behind many of the city’s most interesting semi-secret and heavily themed events. Despite the recent disillusioning discovery that dumpster pools are all made from newly constructed containers that have never held trash, I was psyched to check out the scene. I mean, just look at the teaser video, wouldn’t you be?

While it was cool to see the pools up close, they were built tastefully into a deck off to the side and overall, as an evening event, the party fell a bit flat for me. Paris Metro gawking rules applied, but I didn’t see too much worth staring at. One or two bold ladies danced in bikinis. Hipsters played what my friend Oriana of Brooklyn Spaces called “a vicious game of chicken” in the water. An obligatory gourmet food truck sold fancy fast food. The limited bar list included PBR and soju cocktails. House music pulsed, a lone breaker busted some moves. Maybe we got there too early. I just never forgot I was standing in a mostly empty parking lot in Queens. I think I would have been more excited if the pools were in the center of the space and distributed in a way that forced me to walk around them.

Anyway, in this final weeks of summer, I definitely see the appeal of just such a chic destination down the street from PS1. From what I understand the organizers plan to host semi regular daytime events until Labor Day. Local trashies, let me know if any of you go check out the joint for yourselves.

Park Avenue trash

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Look out hipsters, dumpster pools have gone mainstream—for several Saturdays this summer, the city is closing off part of Park Ave so that people can swim in pools made from old trash receptacles. While Vic and I did lament not getting invited to take a dip in one last summer when we kept hearing about hidden pools in Brooklyn, I can’t imagine anything less fun than stripping down to a swim suit and aqua dumpster diving with strangers on Park Ave. A for effort, though, New York City.

Photo by David Belt via Green Picks blog

via Green Picks blog (thanks for the tip, Brendan!)

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