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AVAC Memories

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I’m finally going to see the Fast Trash exhibit on Roosevelt Island this weekend. Sadly, my Saturday schedule does not allow time for this TRASH THEMED MUSICAL THEATER. Sigh. Next year.

Roosevelt Island trash tubes

Saturday, May 22, 5pm

Live musical theater “AVAC Memories” in Gallery RIVAA: “AVAC Memories” tells the story of five pieces of household waste who are tossed into a Roosevelt Island garbage can and, together, go on a thrilling journey through the AVAC sanitation system. As they are dropped down garbage chutes, sucked through pneumatic tubes, crunched in a compactor and shipped off to the dump in a garbage barge, our grimy heroes learn some valuable lessons about friendship, courage and perseverance in the face of adversity. Please join us for this short live performance followed by a Q and A with the creators.

“AVAC Memories” was written by Frederick Alden Terry (music) and John Herin (lyrics). The original production was directed by Dev Bondarin and produced by the Prospect Theater Company in April 2009.

Fast Trash

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A bunch of you have sent me updates about this exhibit: “Fast Trash: Roosevelt Island’s Pneumonic Tubes and the Future of Cities.” I have long been curious about the fabled trash tubes of NYC’s weirdest little island and can’t wait to check out the show as soon as I get home (yay tram!).  If you’re in New York this month, it’s showing through May 23 at Gallery RIVAA on (where else) Main Street. Has anyone been yet? If so, do tell!

The Freshkills Park Blog has a comprehensive post here.

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