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Der Schlachthof

Friday, May 1, 2009


Originally uploaded by buzzygirl

It’s Decorative Dumpster Day, a day to reflect for a moment on the objects we use to contain waste. And to decorate them. In preparation for this day, I have spent some time thinking about dumpsters and graffiti and the fact that where you find one, you often find the other. The vibrant murals that coated the train yards and back alleys of my youth are hard to find these days in my city. It’s not easy to tell which is the chicken and which is the egg: more people ride the trains and walk the alleys, fewer artists put up their stuff. Anyway, I was touched by buzzygirl‘s photostream on flickr when I came across her series over time of Der Schlachthof, Germany. Check out the evolving landscape she captures at four points in time (and counting). Thanks for letting me share your work, buzzygirl. These photos capture the most basic relationship between trash, art and the potential unleashed when a fresh perspective is applied to a forgotten space.





Sometimes, when killing time in airports

Sunday, April 26, 2009

…I root around online for trash tidbits. At home, I search Google News at least once a week for terms like  “trash,” “garbage,” “solid waste,” “recycle,” and “compost,” but I rarely take the time to dig into specific sites for newly posted trashy treasures. Clearly I should more often. Just look what I found today searching Flickr for photos tagged “upcycled”.

PJ Harvey upcycled album bouquet via scribblenation on Flickr

PJ Harvey upcycled album bouquet via scribblenation on Flickr

In case you were wondering, there are over 16,000 photos tagged “upcycled” on Flickr (and an overlapping nearly 8,000 tagged upcycle) like the stellar photo above from scribblenation’s photostream of an upcycled album cover via which I discovered the Trashion Nation photo pool and entries in the Upcyclist Party Contest pool.

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