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Big ship tra$h

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yesterday we reported on rad trash activist Yuyun Ismawati being awarded one of this years Goldman Environmental Prizes. One of Ismawati’s fellow recipients, Syeda Rizwana Hasan, is also truly worthy of praise.

Hasan, a lawyer, works on behalf of the 20,000+ ship breaking workers dismantling ships in yards on the shores of Bangladesh, work that is being carried out under enormous hazards. Think lead paint counted by the tonnes, and any other toxic you might find on a ship, you see, they arrive as is. According to Hasan’s bio on the Goldman Prize web, one worker dies each week. As with electronic tra$h, which we’ve talked about in several posts, ship tra$h is a very lucrative business. Somewhere out there sits a gang of ship dismantling fat cats, with blood on their diamond credit cards.

Hasan’s work has led to, among other things, increased government legislation and increased public awareness. Last month, 36 ship yards were closed following tightened regulations instituted by the Bangladesh Supreme Court. For these achievements, we lift our hats off for Hasan, and hope that increased publicity might make ship owners think twice, before sending their used-up naval transportation units to the coast of Bangladesh, where incidentally the rare Irawaddy dolphin seems to be making a comeback.

Goldman Prize awarded to trash activist

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One of this years seven recipients of the Goldman Environmental Prize is Yuyun Ismawati, 44, from Indonesia. Ismawati has been awarded for her work related to the growing challenges of trash on small islands, where trash storage space is scarce and poses an obvious threat to the land and community.

Ismawati has a long history in activism, advocacy and NGO work related to recycling and tra$h. For a full description check out her bio at the Goldman Environmental Prize web. One thing too cool not to mention though, is that Ismawati last year contributed strongly in developing Indonesia’s first-ever bill on waste management and waste management strategy! Hurrah!

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