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Eco Brooklyn

Friday, May 17, 2013

Eco Brooklyn Inc. is a contracting, landscape and design firm run by Gennaro Brooks-Church, who relies nearly exclusively on reclaimed materials and coined the phrase “Build it Forward.” In the corporate world, “Live the Brand” is a phrase you hear a lot. Brooks-Church embodies the concept. He and his family live in an ever-improving green show house implementing and testing creative ways to eliminate waste (grey water systems), breath second and third lives into discarded building materials (beautiful reclaimed wood floors, an old fire escape fashioned into stairs), and create a space connected to the neighborhood and local environment (a natural pool). A while back, I took a tour of this whimsical space complete with a roof garden and bee hives, a project by


Photo via

Ever since, I have followed the company Facebook page, where I recently learned they have stocked their pond with local fish and frogs. Track new projects undertaken by Brooks-Church and his team of interns via social media, or schedule a tour and head over to Gowanus to check it out for yourself.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Today’s secret word is obtainium. Scream when you hear it.

I read about obtanium—a poetic term for salvaged objects—in this ambling New York Times profile of artist and architect Randy Polumbo. The piece  covers building houses in the desert out of shipping containers and empty tequila bottles and making sculpture out of dildos. Also, it’s about libertarians.

Dave Lauridsen for The New York Times

Dave Lauridsen for The New York Times

There’s some good stuff in there about the silly terms people use to fancy up good old fashioned recycling, dumpster diving and conserving. Like “green architecture”. To be honest, though, I found the article itself hard to get into, it’s a little all over the place. Or I am. It’s been a long week and the Internet is destroying my attention span.

Luckily,  if you’re scattered like me, there’s an audio slide show. And for the truly word averse, Polumbo’s Web site has several video clips showing his home and art.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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