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Saturday, July 7, 2007

From the nonsense nyc listserv (I heard about this event after the fact, thus saving myself from weighing trashiosity over nausea):

NYC Chinatown Garbage Taxidermy Tour

You’re invited on a free tour of the New York City Chinatown garbage. Did you know you could make art out of dead animals? Yes! I am going to show you how to collect dead animals from the garbage in Chinatown to make your own personal taxidermy. You will learn how to dig in the garbage for dead animals. You can make art out of these animals. It’s really cool. I’ve found everything from sharks to frogs to plain old unidentifiable crap. Sometimes I find nothing interesting, but that is what makes it fun. You never know. Rain or shine. My name is Nate Hill, a Brooklyn artist who makes new animals from dead animal parts. I sew together random animal parts to make a new animal that doesn’t really exist. Many of the parts I have used over the years have come from Chinatown’s garbage. I will be holding an 8×11 sign that reads Chinatown Tour. I suggest wearing clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Long-sleeve shirts are also good to keep your arms clean. Also fully enclosed shoes are recommended. You may want to bring a plastic bag if you want to take a souvenir with you. You may also want to bring a flashlight, though I’ve never used one. I search by feel. The following items will be provided: latex gloves, first aid kit, wet wipes, and antibacterial gel. Are we going to dive in dumpsters? No sorry. We prefer not to get that dirty. We just dig our hands in trash containers. We’re not going to be walking far. The tour consists of my favorite spots that are just within a few blocks of each other. After the tour is finished, I invite you to drinks at the bar Home Sweet Home (a taxidermy themed bar). Southeast Corner of Canal Street and Lafayette Street, Manhattan 9p; $free

NOTE: Ladies and gentlemen of the press, we know you lift stories from Nonsense all the time. That’s fine. We’re happy that you read closely, and most of the people here want the attention. But we actually went out of our way to warn this kid that you’d descend on him like pigeons poaching rice from one of those old Chinese ladies at the park. We told him that his event is so absurd that it actually sounds like a prank — specifically the old San Francisco Cacophony prank where they roasted squab in Golden Gate park and told everyone they were eating, yep, street pigeons. He pointed us to the photos on the web and said he was ready. So, have at the story. But if you think about it, maybe send us a note and say thanks, or namedrop us in your story for once. We like to take the high road, but everyone likes a little nod every once in a while.

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