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Trash Wars, the game

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Earlier this summer, sanitation workers in Toronto went on strike leaving the trash to pile up in the city and make the point that they are indeed, very needed members of the community. The strike drew mixed sympathies, according to some reports. In the midst of it all, video game designer Hafiz Kassam created a game called trash wars, put it on the internet and included a little online poll asking if you supported the strike before launching the action.

Trash Wars

Trash Wars

In the game, a little man stands atop a pile of trash bags and tries to pick off approaching rats with a handgun. I only attempted a few levels, but eventually it allows you to upgrade your weapon. I like the idea of whipping up a video game to draw attention to a social issue, but I think a game where one scrambled to keep the trash from piling up might have been more to the point.

Via The Escapist

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