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Unsolicited Fashion

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This sassy little number—a dress beautifully crafted from junk mail—has made the rounds of the internets.  My friend Rachel saw it on A Dress A Day via Recycle Runway.

Fan mail dress by Nancy Judd

Fan mail dress by Nancy Judd

According to the designer’s site (from which I ripped these photos):

“Colorful junk mail (catalogues, solicitations, newspaper ads) were folded into fans and sewn onto a skirt and dress made of scrap canvas and a mantilla for the hair. The vintage shoes are covered with old postage stamps. The inspiration for this outfit came from the origami peacock earrings- Nancy Judd made them in 1988 when she designed and sold origami jewelry for a summer job.”

She pairs her piece with some helpful info on how to reduce your junk mail.

Thanks for the tip, Rachel!

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