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Monday, October 5, 2009

This Thursday, October 8th, Seattle-based trashies should check out Kuros Zahedi‘s work @


Thursday, October 8
1617 Boylston Ave., Second Floor

There will be drinks, food, and great people.  This date syncs up with the Blitz! Capitol Hill Art Walk – so if you’re planning on attending the art walk, make Office Nomads a stop for sure!

Zahedi's "The Garden of Hope"

Zahedi's "The Garden of Hope"

A statement from the artist on his work with trash:

Behesht is the Farsi word for Paradise.  It refers to a place that is full of happiness, peace, and beauty.  In common speech, it also refers to where the soul goes after dying.  Humanity is at a fork in the road.  Looking at the injustice, war, and escalating ecological calamity in our world, it is easy to become disillusioned and to conclude that we are headed for the latter.

I am interested in exploring the possibility of beauty within everything.   The works in this series offer a vision of hope for the future of humanity. Directions can change.  We can compost the rotting fruits and plant new seeds.  We can heal what we have hurt.  We can use the very detritus of our blundering to rebuild a society which provides the conditions in which the creative nature of humanity can thrive in safety, peace and beauty.

These works are created using trash collected from streets and waste generated at my home.  I use these materials because of the powerful symbolism of transforming the trash into something beautiful.  I use natural glues, beeswax and a bit of paint to finish the work.  The imagery is inspired by the Persian miniatures and carpets I grew up with, 20th century Austrian painting and the textures and processes of nature.  I want to capture the feeling and passion of rebirth from the ashes and the joy and exhilaration of creating beauty out of ugliness.  Behesht is here;  we must only clear away the garbage.

Finding Away installation completed

Friday, September 25, 2009

I am behind the trash times, people, I hope you’ll forgive the lag in posts and subsequent flood. During the hiatus, an exciting thing happened, trash artist Kuros Zahedi finished his long-awaited installation “Finding Away” using the trash blogger Ari Derfel collected over the course of one year. Here’s a snap, courtesy of the artist. Look out for it at the Green Festival in San Francisco in November.

Finding Away installation

Finding Away installation

According to Zahedi: “Everything except the reclaimed doors the mural is on and some non-toxic glue is Ari’s Trash.”

More images available here. Kudos, Kuros! It looks great.

Finding Away

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

As previously covered here, artist Kuros Zahedi likes to make stuff out of trash that other people save. His piece, Finding Away is crafted from the waste painstakingly chronicled and collected by San Franciscan blogger Ari Derfel over the course of one year.

Finding Away detail

Finding Away detail

Seattle-based trashies can check out the work at Bumbershoot, September 5-7 in the Northwest Rooms as part of Kerfuffle (The Uneasy Relationship Between Humanity and the Environment)—an amazing-sounding show of work dealing with waste and related topics that is FREE on the 4th.

And November 13-15, Finding Away will be shown in San Francisco as part of the green festival in that city.

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