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“Trash infarct” and kids trash interaction

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A news item in todays Svenska Dagbladet (2nd largest morning paper) talks about how Sweden is on it’s way to a “trash infarct” situation. As of now, we produce 1133 pounds (or 514 kilogrammes) of trash per person, per year. Even though we are top of the world in recycling, our garbage heaps grow with 3% every year, and then we haven’t even mentioned the unrecyclable (that a word?) toxic stuff that ends up at the bottom of our many trash combustion factories.

Another news item in the same paper is a cute story about kids in preschool making toys from trash, instead of buying toys. One challange seems to be that the municipal run tra$h company see risk of loosing profit in this sweet and educational activity. Makes me draw parallells to the only good scene in the movie Mammoth, where a grandmother takes her grandson to a scrap heap, showing him how kids work with collecting items that can be sold at a market, and how he doesn’t have to do that, since his mother works as a maid in the United States. (For those wondering why I would know of this particular movie, it’s from a Swedish director I will always love for his fantastic debut Fucking Åmål.)

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