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Cassette clearinghouse

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rob Walker has constructed a “monster post” on “The idea of the cassette” over at MURKETING. Go. Click through. Get lost. It’s rich and entertaining and full of creative upcycling and recycling project ideas.

Related: This summer Walker and co posted a series on music on unconsumption that also featured neat cassette-themed links. That series coincided with the immediate aftermath of the contested presidential elections in Iran and inspired this everydaytrash post on technology, human rights and creative resuse.

Semirelated: Awesome Tapes from Africa is a site worth following (the name says it all). I discovered it via my friend Erica. Thanks, Erica!

Not that related but also awesome: There is a kid on YouTube who calls himself CassetteMaster. He is obsessed with collecting vintage tape recorders and making videos about them. He has a bit of a cult following. I am trying hard not to get sucked in, but these videos kind of lull you into addiction. Especially ones involving other people interacting with the awkward CassetteMaster. Like all things to do with audio and the absurd, this link came to me via Flex Unger.

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