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Trash as Punishment

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I don’t care if she is a felon mandated to pick up road side trash, Michelle Rodriguez will always have my fandom because Girl Fight rocked my world.

michellerodriguezAnd that cartoon of a surf movie Blue Crush might have been something if she’d been cast as the lead.  I mean seriously, which one looks like she could plausibly be a champion surfer born and raised in Hawai’i—blond twig or buff brown girl?

This shot reminds me of that entertaining week in ’07 when we asked ourselves each morning how Naomi Campbell could keep forgetting she had community service and dress for the runway instead.

Yup, exactly the outfit I would have chosen

Monday, March 26, 2007


Too bad Naomi Campbell finished her community service so quickly. Stories centering around her inappropriate fashion choices for sanitation department community service last week were providing me such entertainment while dutifully googling trash, garbage, rubbage and solid waste each morning.

Today’s breaking news—that trash company manager Ciro Viento will plead guilty to racketeering—should fill the gossip void Ms. Campbell leaves, but the visuals aren’t nearly as ludicrous (credit the AP for the beautifully juxtaposed “sanitation” framing the supermodel’s bony shoulders in the shot above).

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