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Saturday, September 29, 2007

logo_facebook-rgb-7inch.jpg  I finally caved to the pressure and joined facebook.  So did everydaytrash (I’ve taken to discussing the blog as a ventriloquist might her marionette, as though the thing has a life of its own uncontrolled by me).  So, trashies, if you’re into social networking, show some love for us both and join the everydaytrash facebook group.  All the cool kids are doing it.  What’s more, so are the outcasts.  

A year and a bit

Sunday, September 2, 2007

leila-budapest2.jpg So, it’s been more than one year since I first set out to upload my fascinating collection of trashy factoids in the hopes of sharing them with others and meeting fellow trashies. And in my book, this calls for an Oscar-speech-style post as a nod to the many people who helped keep this small corner of the World Wide Web trash-filled and mildly entertaining for so many days!

First off, thanks to you, dear reader, tending to everydaytrash has surpassed all of my expectations. By starting this blog, I have discovered a world of creative solutions to waste and excess, an on-line community of green thinkers, an array of artists repurposing rubbish and a slew of novice trash reporters quick to forward me the latest in solid waste happenings. Thanks for the support and keep the trash tips coming!

Special thanks are due to tipster-in-chief Kimberly, logo-designer extraordinaire Ricardo and fellow highly-specialized blogger Emily. This first year also yielded not one, but two features about everydaytrash on BlueEgg and in the Brooklyn Papers. Thanks to Jenn and Dana for making those happen.

Here’s a brief overview of (what I believe to be) the best of everdaytrash to date:

Here’s to taking trash to the next level in year two!



Weekly Compactor

Friday, August 10, 2007

This week in trash news:

Blue Egg

Monday, July 30, 2007

city_robin.jpg A new site dedicated to easing people into environmentally friendly lifestyles launched over the weekend. It’s called Blue Egg and the debut issue features everydaytrash. I hope you’ll check out my essay on garblogging.

It’s a fun site complete with interviews with innovators, news stories and online quizzes. I particularly enjoyed the Q &A with Kurt Zuelsdorf, the kayak tour operator clearing trash out of Florida wetlands; the interview with a young man inspired by pot-growing friends to start a trash-to-worm-poop fertilizer business; and video footage of the Eastern Garbage Patch.

Picture ripped from the Blue Egg site.

New Look

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The answer is Ricardo Rubio of Akasha Design, in case you’re wondering who is responsible for my TRASHTASTIC new blog header.  I hope seeing such a lovely image enhances your everdaytrash experience and entices you to share the web address with potentially interested friends!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Simplify your bookmarks, my friends. You can now access everydaytrash via the simple web address:

Tell all your friends!

Sidebar Appreciation Day

Monday, April 30, 2007

shoe.png  In case you haven’t noticed, everydaytrash has a bitchin’ side bar, which links to a wealth of trashy and green blogs and other informative and entertaining resources.  This week, for example:

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