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Raccoon attacks

Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh the hazards of composting. The raccoons are out in Richmond, Canada, attacking people and their pets. Especially the pets. The Vancouver Sun reports:

One theory is the recent advent of the city’s Green Can program, which encourages residents to recycle food scraps — a common source of food for raccoons.

Some believe the scraps are more accessible in the new Green Cans and more odorous than they were previously in regular garbage cans, providing a greater attraction for the raccoons.

via the Vancouver Sun

Once when I was a kid there were rumors of a rabid raccoon in our neighborhood. My mother tried to keep us from going out on our own and walked around everywhere with a softball bat. More recently, I was walking home in Brooklyn one night and saw a raccoon run down the steps into a Subway station. A train must have just arrived because it came running out a few seconds later, scared off by the small crowd of exiting passengers. I’d hate to be alone on the platform if it ever tried again!

I often wish my city collected food waste for composting. Today is not one of those times.

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