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Reblog: Wallpapered Dumpsters

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Check out C. Finley’s clever and trashy street art, wall papered dumpsters.

C. Finley

C. Finley

Via Wooster Collective

On a mostly unrelated note, I saw a racoon (at least I hope it was a racoon, it could have been a very large possum or a big freaky rat on steroids) at the corner of Smith and Bergen last night. It looked like it was about to walk down the steps to the F train platform, but some people walked by (without noticing it) so it ran under a car instead. I imagine it was checking out curbside dining options from all the restaurant trash bags on that block. I’ve seen racoons in Brooklyn before, but never one that looked like it might get on the Subway.

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