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World Cup upcycling

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello from Bloemfontain,  stop #2 on my World Cup tour of South Africa. I had the amazing opportunity to see Brazil and Portugal play in the group rounds. The brand new stadium where that game took place was BEAUTIFUL. However, after reading about Greece and other host countries of large sporting events going broke building stadiums…and after driving from posh Durban through South Africa’s poor neighbor Lesotho to my next game in Bloemfontein, all these new venues started to seem excessive. So it was with great joy that my friends and I discovered that our knock-out round tickets to see Germany blow England away was in a spruced up EXISTING stadium.

Bloemfontein aka Manguang stadium

See for yourself, it was a lovely place to watch and EXCITING match.

Germany v. England in the round of 16

Fans (it was Germany's day)

After seeing a nil-nil game in the opening round, I was dying for goals…and got five (well, six but one was unjustly thrown out) for an end score of 4-1 to take Germany to the quarterfinals (next stop: Capetown to see the Germans and Argentines take their age-old rivalry to the pitch).

The Beauty and Terror of our Waste

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trash is terrible, really. Sometimes though, there are ways of finding beauty in it. Or it might just be me being very post-apocalyptic-aesthetics-loving.  Anyhow, check out these five pix from South Africa, and see if you agree.

South African trash removal lorries

South African trash removal lorries

Pix come from “the Green Campus Initative”, whom I can’t find online (or rather, thousands of initiatives with that name can be found).

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