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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holy shit, people. I just learned via inhabitat that Iris Industries has created a new “sustainable composite” — a textile created from heat pressed recycled denim and eco-friendly resin. The end result: a lightweight, hard substance that can be used, among other ways, to create furniture, counter tops, wall paneling and jewelry. Did you get that? Counter tops from your old jeans? I want to redo the kitchen immediately.

The Waste of the World

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What up, trashies?! Happy (belated) new year! Apologies for light posting in late 2011. Fear not, we’re back with some great stories about garbage and recycling in the works. First up:  The Waste of the World is a five-year study funded by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council. Unlike most research projects, which culminate in sleepy peer-reviewed journal submissions, this crew is putting on a multimedia art show called Everything Must Go.

Here’s the flyer description:

Everything Must Go follows the journeys of worn clothing as it is sold for reuse and recycling across the world. This exhibition brings invisible global waste economies into public view, explores the people involved and the impact these businesses have upon their lives, and questions our ability to control, contain and curtail waste.

The exhibition will feature a film, photos, workshops and a textile installation. Londoners can check out the event at the Bargehouse Friday 20–Sunday 22 January, 11–6pm. Free admission.


Recycle LACMA

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I just discovered my favorite RSS feed of the summer via Flavorwire: Recycle LACMA. It’s the blog of artist Robert Fontenot who heard the  Los Angeles County Museum of Art was getting rid of a bunch of stuff in its costume and textile collection, bought up over 50 of those pieces at auction and is now reimagining each one into an entirely different object.

Hand woven linen textile wastepaper basket

Hand woven linen textile wastepaper basket

Checking out the blog each day is like an advent calendar of upcycling. Today, for example, he posted this fab wastepaper basket fashioned from an old piece of Turkish embroidery. Trashtastic.

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