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Oh snap!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Elizabeth Kolbert digs into No Impact Man as only she can.

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Requiem for a Paper Bag

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A while back, FOUND Magazine founder Davy Rothbart sent out a call to some pretty famous storytellers and asked them to send him their best stories about things they’d found in the street or by accident. Or if they didn’t have such a story, to make one up. The published responses can be found in Requiem for a Paper Bag, an entertaining read so far, with submissions from a host of folks ranging from Chuck D. of Public Enemy to Susan Orlean of the New Yorker. Translation: literary trash of the highest caliber.

Curious Americans can catch Davy, his brother Peter and a selection of special guests performing songs and reading from found notes and letters as part of their patented Denim and Diamonds tour. Check listings for dates. For New Yorkers, the show is this Friday night. To get a vague notion of what they do, see the YouTube clip.

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