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Will eliminating trash trains eliminate Subway trash?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Yorkers, have you noticed fewer trash cans on your local platform? The MTA thinks getting rid of trash cans will reduce the need for subterranean garbage collection, thus speeding up late night operation.


Trash train, photo via

Yes, it’s devastating to be waiting late night, to hear that rumble of promise, only to discover it’s the freaking trash train. Delays suck. But really, will we throw less away just because we have no where to throw it? Sure, there’s evidence that if we don’t have trays to load up, we take less food in cafeterias. It seems like a leap, though, to apply the same logic to solid waste. Thoughts?

Upcycled sky tracks

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The real it thing in lower Manhattan this summer seems to be the High Line. What was commercial traffic for meat packers et al. between 1934-1980, nothing between 1980 and last year, is now a hip, weed-ridden concrete-heavy park, with a view, stretching from Washington & Gansevoort to 10th & 20th. On top of this, more park is currently being developed.

Having visited said park Sunday night, I must confess I’m sold. You have to be impressed by such clever upcycling and the courage to plant weeds and not orchids. And of course, the echo of history is something else for a train nerd such as myself.

The development from 1934 to present day can be studied through these excellent image galleries. Admission is free, but if one wants member benefits (and to support the development of the park), there are alternatives ranging from $40 to $10,000. At $350, you get a key-ring.

Vehicular Trash

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

deadtrain.jpg This and other stunning shots of vehicle gaveyards can be found in this compilation post over at deputy dog.

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