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The Waterpod Project

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Check it: The Council on the Environment of NYC (CENYC) will host a couple  “nuts and bolts” recycling and composting workshops “aboard the waterpod”. What’s the Waterpod, you ask? According to the Internets, it’s “a floating, sculptural, eco-habitat designed for the rising tides.”

At the moment, the thing is parked at 125th Street and Riverside park, which is what caught my eye about the project in the CENYC email newsletter I received yesterday. Growing up on Riverside Drive at 125th Street, I observed many half-assed attempts to class up the waterfront at this location. It appears that with the West Harlem Piers Park, we’ve come a long way from the sketchy strip of my childhood when—to the extent living things populated this area—you would only see stray cats, hookers, johns, junkies and lunatic fishermen willing to eat from the (pre-Riverkeeper) Hudson.

This new park connects Riverside Park with Riverbank State Park (built on top of the sewage treatment plant at 135th Street) and encompasses the old marine transfer station between the two points where, once upon a time, my trash was tipped out of a dump truck and onto a ferry to be floated down to the Freshkills landfill (now also a park).

Anyway, the Waterpod sounds amazing. Sadly, the recycling and composting workshops being offered are during my workday. Regardless, I will try to get up there to check out the pod and waterfront renovations. Stay tuned.

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