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Stop Food Waste

Monday, December 10, 2012

The European Commission wants the people of Europe to cut down on food waste by not buying food they will toss. As you can tell from the video, they especially mean you, white people.

The Catch

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Snapper, lobster, my dad's hand

Which is a better motivator to get people to change their behavior: fines or incentives? The EU banks on incentives.

Problem: fishermen working EU waters toss back up to two-thirds of what they pull out of the ocean—over 100 million tons of edible fish per year—because the fish are either already dead or they want to make room for more valuable ones.

Solution: The EU’s first thought was to ban this practice and instate fines for dumping dead fish in the ocean. Unsurprisingly, this plan was unpopular with fishermen. Plan B is a new project to pay fishermen for the plastic debris they bring back. The EU will pay to subsidize this program until it takes off, after which the idea is that the sale of recyclable plastics will underwrite the initiative. Think it will work?

Check out Triple Pundit‘s excellent piece on the topic.

via GOOD, thanks for the tip, Dan!

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