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The Catch

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Snapper, lobster, my dad's hand

Which is a better motivator to get people to change their behavior: fines or incentives? The EU banks on incentives.

Problem: fishermen working EU waters toss back up to two-thirds of what they pull out of the ocean—over 100 million tons of edible fish per year—because the fish are either already dead or they want to make room for more valuable ones.

Solution: The EU’s first thought was to ban this practice and instate fines for dumping dead fish in the ocean. Unsurprisingly, this plan was unpopular with fishermen. Plan B is a new project to pay fishermen for the plastic debris they bring back. The EU will pay to subsidize this program until it takes off, after which the idea is that the sale of recyclable plastics will underwrite the initiative. Think it will work?

Check out Triple Pundit‘s excellent piece on the topic.

via GOOD, thanks for the tip, Dan!

Plastic Vortex

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A group of scientists wants to get to the bottom of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The AFP reports that the great swirling mass of plastic and other trash between Hawaii and mainland US will be the destination of a 50-day expedition  from San Francisco to the Eastern Garbage Patch and back.

Underwater trash photo via RedOrbit

Underwater trash photo via RedOrbit

The scientists will take special nets with them designed to scoop up samples of even the tiniest plastic debris and will treat their voyage to the vortex  of plastic beneath the sea like a journey into space.

According to RedOrbit:

The United Nations Environment Program has estimated that some 13,000 pieces of garbage exist in every square kilometer of the ocean, but the issue becomes magnified in these ocean vortexes.

Leaders of the trip said the particles have composed a toxic gumbo that threatens the wellbeing of fish in the region.

“That means the little piece of plastic the fish eats is actually a little toxic bomb,” said Doug Woodring, an entrepreneur and conservationist who lives in Hong Kong and will lead the expedition.

Reblogging: We are what we eat

Monday, December 1, 2008

Anna over at Bring Your Own is one of the first green bloggers I started to follow when I launched everydaytrash over two years ago now.  BYO focuses on our disposible culture and its consequences.  It was through trading links with blogs like BYO that I came to the self-realization that my own blog had an environmental—and not just political and artistic—theme.   Anyway, Anna took a short break from updating BYO last summer in order to sail accross the Pacific Ocean on JUNK, a ship made of plastic bottles.  The stories she and her colleagues returned with are both fascinaitng and devastating.  Check out this post on the growing problem of plastic winding up in the bellies of fish.  Here’s a photo ripped from that post, click through for the full thing complete with a video from the ship.


While the photo is kind of gross, I find the rainbow of plastic bits morbidly pretty.  Someone should make awareness-raising jewelry out of this stuff, like post-apocalyptic pearls.  Or maybe not.  Wouldn’t want to start a for-profit plastic fish frenzy.  Just from eyeballing the fragments in this sample, it looks like this fish ate pieces of over a dozen different plastic things that ended up floating in the ocean.  It’s strange to imagine where those bits started out: action figures, food containers, toothpaste caps…

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