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City Harvest

Friday, July 10, 2009

Now I know a blog is no place for fundraising, but I wanted to share a free way to give money to an amazing organization whose mission is fully in line with that of City Harvest, New York City’s premiere food rescue organization, gets $5 for every new Facebook fan to join their page by Tuesday.

Every pound of food City Harvest distributes is a pound of would-be-trash averted. Click here to help rescue food from restaurants and make sure it gets to hungry families.

Fry Power

Friday, March 23, 2007

carls_jr.jpg Carl’s Jr. uses veggie oil collected from the fast food chain’s restaurants to run five of 20 corporate vehicles and plan to get the other 15 running on reused oil in the next few years. While this is good news and all, I’m not sure it cancels out the evil of 1) the existence of a fast food chain or 2) that nasty Paris Hilton add, let’s hope this serves as a model for other oil-chugging chains to think about closing the loop.

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