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Mill City Farmer’s Market

Monday, August 22, 2011

I’m in Minneapolis for the weekend visiting my mom. The weather is perfect and we’ve been biking a lot. We usually go to the big farmer’s market, which is one of my favorite open air markets in the whole world. This time, though, we popped just over the river from my mom’s place to the Mill City Farmer’s Market tucked adorably between the Mill City Museum and the new Guthrie Theater.  Minneapolis recently licensed food trucks, so like many other places across the country, street food is all the rage here. We ate some yummy tacos before browsing the Hmong vegetable stalls, Nepali momo stand, Iranian gourmet chocolate table, the cute sundress shop and all kinds of other delectable vendor offerings.

Best eggplant ever

There was some live music playing and people were out in droves, sitting on the Guthrie steps to eat and listen and milling about the market. When my mom and I were done with our tacos (and, later, some ginger sorbet) we tossed our disposable packaging and utensils into one of the large compost bins prominently on display and STAFFED by local volunteers to help you decide what went into which bin.

Compost tutor

I couldn’t get over the staffed composting bins. Ours gave us a helpful lecture on why he felt composting was way better than recycling, stopping between impassioned sentences to direct the disposal of plates and cups. I love seeing the can labeled “trash” dwarfed in size compared to the other receptacles.

Do not open, this is art

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Walker Art Center Teen Arts Council (aka WACTAC and featured here before) made this video, asking a “senior registration technician” to pull his top five pieces from the permanent collection that are so obscure they “need to be identified as art” by experts such as himself. Do with that concept what you will in the comments. I am sharing this here because one of the pieces he selects is a sealed cardboard box labeled “trash”.

I have to admit—sheepishly and ducking for cover—that I kind of dig Yoko Ono’s piece as well. Despite breaking up the Beatles, I’ve always had a soft spot for her due to the urban legend that she donated money to my college to ensure ice cream be made available at every meal.

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