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Trash Track

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A group of MIT researchers launched a new project called “Trash Track” today, which will enlist volunteers from New York and Seattle to have their trash tagged with specially-coded wireless markers and tracked through the various waste streams.

Visualization mock-up (simulated) By E Roon Kang at SENSEable City Lab

Visualization mock-up (simulated) By E Roon Kang at SENSEable City Lab

The project is part of the SENSable City Lab (whose past work includes other sweet visualizations like this map of New Yorkers’ phone calls to the rest of the world). Apparently, we’ll be able to follow along with the migration of trash online. And in September, the Architectural League in New York City and the Seattle Public Library will host exhibits.

The project press release notes:

Trash Track was initially inspired by the Green NYC Initiative, the goal of which is to increase the rate of waste recycling in New York to almost 100 percent by 2030. Currently, only about 30 percent of the city’s waste is diverted from landfills for recycling.

The ultimate project goal  is thus to encourage us to take a closer look at what we throw away in the hopes that being kept aware of our waste after it leaves our hands motivates us to create less of it in the first place. Neat idea. Let’s see if it works.

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