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The trashtastic journey

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Remember that high tech tagging project to map waste streams called Trash Track? Well, this morning via Visible Trash, I discovered that they now have an amazing intro video featuring the award-winning data visualization to come out of the project.

Science follows art. Part of what I love about this project is that it reminds me of tagging butterflies, something my kindergarten class once did. We pressed tiny number stickers to the wings of Monarchs in the hopes that researchers down in Mexico would spot them and write them down. I wonder if anyone is using electronic tags to create magical animated infographics of butterfly migration. I shall investigate.

Toward the Sentient City

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Now through November 7th, the Architectural League of New York brings us an incredible-sounding exhibit at The Urban Center. It’s called Toward the Sentient City and focuses on the use of mobile, sensor and other new technologies in city planning and architecture. A major feature of the exhibition is the Trash Track project from MIT’s SENSEable City Lab, which we’ve lauded here before. Check out the project Web site for images of some of the trash they’ve tracked through NYC and Seattle.

NYC trash

NYC trash

I hope to check out this exhibit before it closes a, because I can’t get enough of trash track and b, because I’m curious about all the other urban computing that’s going on out there. The mobile world truly seems to be exploding and I am constantly impressed by new and innovative applications toward the common good.

via Boing Boing

Trash Track UK!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

By now, you surely know all about the super hip Trash Track. For our UK readers, there are possibilities of getting your very own refuse involved! New Scientist are currently accepting applications for UK trash to be tracked, closing September 30th. As there’s only one spot open, make sure to carefully craft that 75 word motivation on what you would like to tag and why. And do let us know what you submit!

Trash Track in the news

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Remember that supercool MIT project sticking probes in trash? It is on. Check out the coverage.

Trash Track

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A group of MIT researchers launched a new project called “Trash Track” today, which will enlist volunteers from New York and Seattle to have their trash tagged with specially-coded wireless markers and tracked through the various waste streams.

Visualization mock-up (simulated) By E Roon Kang at SENSEable City Lab

Visualization mock-up (simulated) By E Roon Kang at SENSEable City Lab

The project is part of the SENSable City Lab (whose past work includes other sweet visualizations like this map of New Yorkers’ phone calls to the rest of the world). Apparently, we’ll be able to follow along with the migration of trash online. And in September, the Architectural League in New York City and the Seattle Public Library will host exhibits.

The project press release notes:

Trash Track was initially inspired by the Green NYC Initiative, the goal of which is to increase the rate of waste recycling in New York to almost 100 percent by 2030. Currently, only about 30 percent of the city’s waste is diverted from landfills for recycling.

The ultimate project goal  is thus to encourage us to take a closer look at what we throw away in the hopes that being kept aware of our waste after it leaves our hands motivates us to create less of it in the first place. Neat idea. Let’s see if it works.

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