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Zero waste digit exchange

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

As you may remember after my enthusiastic discovery of and posting on contxts earlier this year, I use a free texting service as a business card. By use, I mean I have set it up. But I haven’t actually had much use for it. Yet. And while I’m sure I will, this past weekend at a green festival in New Jersey is the perfect example of why the business card still serves a purpose. For the time being. The folks who came out to the event were not an iPhone bumping crowd. These peeps were too cool for excess gagetry. Which is why I wanted to stay in touch with many of them, which brings me back to the original dilemma: how to give out contact info without creating trash at an event where a lot of people aren’t carrying cell phones and even if they are, reply “oh, I don’t text” if you mention that option.

I ended up writing down my info on scrap paper, which is  a perfectly acceptable solution. And even though the vast majority of social settings I encounter involve people twitching to check their mobile device every two seconds (myself included), I still want  a “slow card” option. And it must look good.

Enter instructables. The other day someone posted a how-to guide for creating your own plantable paper notecards.

Plantable notecard

Plantable notecard via Instructables

This is an idea I’ve thought of for business cards—as in having them printed on paper with embedded flower seeds. But now I’m thinking, a) why not make them myself with my own designs and b) why not use the plantable paper cards as small batch event take-aways with the name of the site and continue to participate in the paper-free mobile revolution for personal contact info? So that’s the plan. Stay tuned for tales of paper making mishaps as everydaytrash dares to ask: can homemade seed cards be sleek and chic? And the important follow up question: will New Yorkers plant them?

For more on paper-free digit exchange, I recommend this short episode of MobileBehavior called “Will Mobile Kill the Business Card?“. Industry experts weigh in, including my sister who has the best idea of all (no bias!): let there be music.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Recycle for London campaign goes mobile

Friday, February 13, 2009

londonmobileThe ever clever Recycle for London program is promoting its “Starve your bin” campaign with a mobile download game for Brits on the go.  The object of the game is to block items from reaching the hungry trash bag by catching them first in a green recycling bin.    Or rather, the object of the game is to raise awareness about the massive amounts of recyclable materials that end up in the trash.  Londoners can download the game by texting a special number and oh so special iPhone users can get the game directly from the Apple store.

Your very own iPhone app?  Very slick, Recycle for London.  As a new media geek, I’m impressed.  But really, you had me at viral video.

The garbage of gadetry

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

portable-cell-phone-booth A new study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project yields some amusing and educational findings:  half of gadget users need help to get their smart phones, cell phones and computers to work; many of these devices break; and users experience a range of emotions when they can’t get their stuff to work.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, cell phones are more likely to break in the hands of younger users.  And, most relevant to our interests here, 15% of users never get their device fixed—that’s a lot of cell phones, smart phones and computers headed straight for the trash.

The AP has a nice summary of key findings, including a breakdown of the various emotions people feel when trying to fix a  broken device ranging from confident to confused.

Image via Laughing Squid

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